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YOU AI Brake Pads and Backing Plates Factory

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Zhejiang Youai Auto Parts Co.,LTD is a manufacturer of brake pads for passenger cars, commercial vehicles (CV), motorcycle brake pads. With a higher quality standard, advanced production techniques,and professional services,UAI brake pads brand has been exported to the European markets, America Markets, Middle East and so on.

UAI not only produce brake pads, but also supply brake pad steel backing plates to other brake pads factories in local markets and aboard. We export our brake pad backing plates to factories Poland, Turkey, Egypt, and so on.

II.Main Products:

-Passenger Car Brake Pads:Semi-Metallic Brake Pad; Low Metallic Brake Pads; Taxi Formula Brake Pads; Ceramic Brake Pads; NAO Brake Pads.
-CV Brake Pads: Non-Asbestos Brake Pads; Asbestos Free Brake Pads; Truck Brake Pads, Bus Brake Pads; Trailer Brake Pads; School Bus Brake Pads; Project Vehicle Brake Pads.
-Brake Pads Backing Plates:Car Brake Pads Backing Plates; CV Brake Pads Backing Plates; Casting Iron Brake Pad Backing Plates; Full Welding Mesh Brake Pad Backing Plates.
-Motorcycle Brake Pads: Yamaha Motorcycle Brake Pads; Honda Motorcycle Brake Pads (CG125); Suzuki Motorcycle Brake Pads; Kawasaki Motorcycle Brake Pads.


-Steel Back Plate Shearer: 1 pcs.
-Punching Press Machine: 108 pcs.
-Brake Pad Gluing Machine: 1 pcs.
-Brake Pad Material Mixer: 2 pcs.
-Brake Pad Ultrasonic Cleaner: 2 pcs
-Brake Pad Back Side Cleaner: 2 pcs
-Shot Blasting Machine: 6 pcs
-Sand-Blasting Machine: 1 pcs
-Brake Pad Vulcanizing Hot Press: 25 pcs -Brake Pad Hot Oven: 3 pcs.
-Brake Pad Riveting Machine: 4 pcs
-Brake Pad Grinder: 4 pcs
-Brake Pad Powder Coating Line: 1 pcs
-Ink-Jet Printing Machine: 1 pcs
-Brake Pad Printing Machine: 2 pcs


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