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Textar--Qualified Brake Parts for Quality Brands

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Customers trust in Textar brake pads, because Textar pad is always like what it says “never the cheapest, but the best”. This company was originally established in 1913 one year before the First Word War, great change of the company has been seen by the whole century, but one thing still didn’t changed, that is Textar brake pads quality. Premium Textar quality no doubt is functioning throughout the whole century to keep its brand shinning all the time, in its own word, to be “the leading supplier of friction to the world’s car and commercial vehicle manufacturers”.

Safety is the ultimate factor in the design of brake pads, and especially when manufacturing brake pads. Accidents caused by brake failure are all too common. A fundamental principle of Textar’s quality management system is in accordance with international quality standards. Such as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 16949:2009, etc. One of these standards, the ECR-90 standard, covers two areas: braking performance and physical testing. These standards are applied to products manufactured for both the original production and aftermarkets.

Textar not only supplies brake pads for VW, Scania, in reality it produces brake pads for every OE vehicle manufacturer that you can see in the market. For passenger cars, Textar covers more than 1,500 disc brake pads, over 1,600 brake discs, 400 brake shoes and 300 kits, as well as 200 brake drums, and for Commercial Vehicles, it also provides more than 100 disc brake pads and over 500 drum brake linings. Such a wide range of products portfolio, which on the other hand proves that Textar brand has become synonymous with its premium quality, the level of performance and safety it provides, and the length of wear-life of which its products are capable.

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