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Textar®--Safety is Braking Without Compromise

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Fabio Dinino, a Textar’s product specialist, once said that “R&D is crucial for the proper working and safety of a vehicle’s brakes. Each vehicle has specific demands. The development of a quality, reliable and safe brake friction part takes anout one-and-a-half to two years.” So a very fundamental principle of Textar manufacture can be veiled here, that is safety.

Safety is the key factor of the vehicle brake system, Textar tries its best to improve the safety performance for every brake pad without compromise.

In designing and testing its brake pads, Textar is in accordance with international standards. One of these standards, the ECR-90 standard, measures average and metric hot friction values, speed sensitivity and static friction. Textar also complies with other key standards including ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001. Nevertheless Textar goes a step further and tests stopping distance, high-temperature speed, cold friction and stability.

“In addition, Textar tests include brake inertia and noise levels. The tests are performed at the company’s in-house testing centers which include on-road trials at Texter’s outdoor track where approximately 100 test vehicles are used in downhill and high-speed tests. Overall, up to 300 000 test kilometers per pad or lining is completed in the development of any new Textar brake friction product,” said Mr Dinino.

In reality Textar has three R&D centers in Germany, USA and Brazil already. The set-up of an R&D facility in China is being under-constructed now. Textar’s meticulous determination on the way of making every pad a safety one has never been changed.

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