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Textar® --The Future of Braking

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When we talk about brake pads, it goes to Textar®, when we want to buy the best brake pads, we will choose Testar®, when we talk about the technology of Braking, we still focus on Testar®. Because Textar® always leads the trend, actually Textar® is the trend of Brake Technology, who leads the Future of Braking.

Textar® is a subsidiary of TMD FRICTION, a Nisshinbo Group company. No matter in the OE sector or aftermarket, Textar® Car and CV brake pads take up a great share on brake parts of cars and commercial vehicles worldwide. For now “MORE THAN 200 MILLION DRIVERS WORLDWIDE DEPEND ON TMD FRICTION TO ENSURE THAT THEY HAVE A SAFE AND COMFORTABLE JOURNEY EVERY DAY.”

Textar® is now bringing us an another new trend - light-weight brake pads for commercial vehicles(see video on website: This innovation is based on a thinner and lighter backing plate, including Cast-iron backing plate, Backing plate with pins, Weld-mesh backing plate, for commercial vehicles, thus can help to reduce vehicle weight, which leads to the reduction on fuel and CO2 emission.

Weight-reducing, cost-saving, environmentally protective. More and more manufacturers all over the world are following its ideal pad geometry design, it is becoming more popular now. That is what Textar® doing, which is definitely the trend for The Future of Braking.

More information about Textar®, please check on its website:




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