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Hawk Performance Brake Parts—Leading Supplier in the World

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1.Company Background

Hawk Performance is a leading supplier of high-performance friction products manufactured by ISO-certified facilities for the motorsports and performance automotive aftermarket.

Hawk Performance products are designed and commanded under strict quality control system, and conquer the terrain of brake parts. Hawk Performance friction products have won more championships of motorsports than any other friction manufacturers.

2.Hawk Performance Brake Parts Classification:

(1)Hawk Performance Brake Pads:
-High Performance Street Race Brake Pads;
-High Performance Street 5.0 Compound Brake Pads;
-LTS Brake Pads – Light Truck & SUV Brake Pads;
-High Performance Ceramic Brake Pads- Luxury & Touring Compound;
-SD Brake Pads– Super Duty Severe Duty Truck HPS Brake Pads;
-High Performance Street Compound;
-HP PLUS Brake Pads - Autocross & Track Brake Compound.

(2)Hawk Performance Brake Rotors;

(3)Hawk Performance Brake Pad Repair Kits and Brake Rotor Kits


Hawk Performance insists on searching and developing high performance formula for customers according to braking performance requirement such as life-time and ,condition,using situation,etc.

More detailed information about different brake pad formula will introduced on the report later,you can also refer to the hawk website:

Reference Website:1. 2.


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