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Gold Phoenix-The Largest Brake Pads Manufacturer in China

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Gold Phoenix Group is China's largest automotive brake industry, the largest manufacture and seller, the strongest capabilities of research and development, the most complete variety of export-oriented private enterprises. Its leading products have more than 3100 car brakes models, suitable for almost all of the cars, commercial vehicles, more than 1,000 varieties of products access to the EU E-MARK certification.

Gold Phoenix, set up Key brake friction materials engineering laboratory in China proved its technology leadership in the industry. Prior to this, the Group's Technology Center has been awarded the qualification of the national technical center, recognized by the national enterprise technical centers, generally in this industry there is only one, which fully shows that the Group's technological innovation by national recognition.

Currently, Gold Phoenix production scale ranks first in China, accounted for 50 percent of national output, exports accounted for 80% of the country's total export volume, it’s a “leader sheep ”, it’s also the only one double, a Chinese enterprises which has been awarded China's well-known protect and Chinese brand-name products honor.

In addition to semi-metallic formula which has temperature control capability and excellent cooling capacity, and ceramic formula has a long service life, environmental protection etc, NAO (non-asbestos organic) brake pads mainly as a substitute for asbestos have been developed. It has advantages of no ash contamination, low wearing, low noise , but also significantly prolong life. Compared with asbestos brakes in its performance, especially in non-polluting, it is better.


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