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GUAN YAN-China Brake Lining Factory

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Guanyan is a major manufacturer and exporter of high quality brake lining in Zhejiang, China. Guanyan brake linings are manufactured under ISO/TS 16949&ISO 9001 certifications.


II.Products Series

1. Bus Series Brake Lining:
This quality is specifically designed for public transportation application,such as buses brake lining,school buses brake lining,emergency buses brake lining. This quality gives fade free stopping, longer Lining life and noise free operation.It not only can provide you a comfort and stable braking performance and safety.


2. Mountain Road Series Brake Lining:
This quality is recommended for heavy-duty cycle such as tankers, logging trucks etc. It ensures top-notch performance for both highway and mountain terrain. It has a longer life than any other blocks in this category along with good stopping power.


3. Flat Road Series Brake Lining:
It can provide excellent drum compatibility and friction stability. It is cost effective due to extended lining life. It has low sensitivity to speed and temperature. This material is ideally suited for over the road dry freight, general hauling, and most other standard heavy truck applications;


4. Project Vechile Series Brake Lining:
The brake linings of project vechile series are specilized designed for truck braking performance,such as coal hauling trucks,which need higher friction force and low friction wears,so this series of brake linings can provide you enough stopping power to keep safety.


III.Fast Delivery

Guanyan brake lining has a storage of brake lining with about 500,000 sets,including the common models:WVA19094 brake lining,WVA19486 brake lining,WVA19487 brake lining,WVA19488 brake lining,etc.Guanyan brake lining guarantee a fast delivery of 3 days with these common models.;

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