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FERODO--The First Name In Brake Pads

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Ferodo company was founded in 1897 in England. It produced the world's first brake pads in 1897. In 1995, the world's original loading market share of nearly 50%, production in the world. Ferodo is the founder and president of the World Association of Friction Material (FMSI). Ferodo is now a US Mogul (FEDERAL-MOGUL) brand. Ferodo or set more than 20 separate or joint or to grant patent licenses way co-production plant in more than 20 countries worldwide. Production and marketing of major brands have: FERODO (worldwide), ABEX (France), BERAL (Germany and Korea), NECTO (Spain), SDI (Malaysia), JBI (Japan), SUMITOMO (Japan).

Ferodo products as a world's leading automotive manufacturers supporting products in more than 200 countries around the world and sales: the main supporting include: Audi Brake Pads, Mercedes-Benz Brake Pads, BMW Brake Pads. Rolls-Royce Brake Pads, Citroen Brake Pads, Iveco Brake Pads, Opel Brake Pads, Ferrari Brake Pads. Rover Brake Pads, Saab Brake Pads, Mazda Brake Pads,Hyundai Brake Pads, Porsche Brake Pads, Honda Brake Pads,Volvo Brake Pads, Volkswagen Brake Pads and other.




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