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Brembo-The Best For Your Braking System

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Brembo is a Italian company which is engaged in engineering high-performance brake system and component design, development and manufacturing and has advanced brake system It has a mature and positive market due to its good tradition in motor sport industry. In 1975, Ferrari began to equip the Brembo braking system on its Fl racing car, but since then numbers of other famous sports car brands - Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Maserati and Porsche - are beginning to equip Brembo braking system on their sports cars.

Brembo company is committed to improve the performance of the system, it invested great fund in research and development. It has more than 390 engineers engaged in R & D work, and they continue to look for more innovative solutions.As a world-class supplier, Brembo has 24 factories located in 12 countries around the world to provide more than 32 million sets of brake pads for more than 30 different OEM manufacturers annually.

Brembo is in a good running and working condition, almost no other OEM manufacturers can get the same quantity of orders compared with Brembo. Only Italian manufacturers are able to produce this extraordinary product which is a perfect combination of most advanced technology and most gorgeous appearance.

Brembo's proprietary advanced technology,it is famous for producing high-performance brake system (Complete Brake System) in the world, it is also adopted by famous advanced automotive manufacturers around the world.


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