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Bosch Brake Parts--Brake Pads

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Bosch Brake Parts are famous for its high quality, reliability and creativity. Once the product meets its strict standards, then it will be put into mass production.

Bosch brake parts include brake fluid, brake disc, brake pad, brake shoe and brake caliper, among which brake pad counts most. Bosch brake pad is taken apart into two categories, safety security brake pad and comfortable capability brake pad, respectively for different-class model cars.Safety security and comfortable capability are what Bosch concentrate on.



Safety Security Brake Pad :

1.Safe and economic, specially for mid and low models
2.Low-metallic and ceramic formula
3.Environmental protection, high comfortable, low noise and low dust
4.In TS16949 and GB5763 standard, well performed braking


Comfortable Capability Brake Pad:

1.High comfortable capability and safe, specially for luxury models
2.Advanced low-metallic and ceramic formula
3.Low noise and low dust, long life-time
4.In TS16949,GB576 and ECE R90, well performed and quick braking.


No chance of second life, equip your beloved car with Bosch brake pads.




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