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ABS Ceramic Brake Pads-- Canadian Ceramic Brake Pads

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1.ABS Ceramic Formulation introduction:

ABS Ceramic formulation consists of non-ferrous formulation which is absolutely essential to make imported and domestic passenger vehicles become cool, clean and low-noise This premium formulation is good to inform a low-noise and long life-time brake system.

2.ABS Ceramic Brake Pads Performance Advantages:

ABS Brake Pads are shimmed, slotted and chamfered for better performance and manufactured by OE specifications.ABS Ceramic brake pads are customized o suit specific needs for customers.

3.ABS Ceramic Brake Pads Application:

Toyota Car Brake Pads; Porsche Car Brake Pads; BMW Car Brake Pads; Audi Brake Pads; Mercedes-Benz Car Brake Pads, etc.


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